5 Easy Ways to Speed up Your PC

A slow running computer is the most irritating thing when you are using your computer for working, gamming, browsing or for any other purpose. There is no shortage of tips to get your computer working faster and more quickly in short amount of time. You can troubleshoot or fix your problems to speed up your PC. Here you can find 5 easy ways to speed up your PC.

5 Easy Ways to Speed up Your PC

5 Easy Ways to Speed up Your PC

Clear It Out

If your PC is working slow and slow surfing is your main problem, you can make a couple quick and easy changes. If you are using Internet Explorer, get rid of it and use Google Chrome. Because Google Chrome is the best browser to use. It is also known as speedy surfing. Clear your browsing data and delete your cookies files and clear it. Also clear your download history and browsing history. It will help you to speed up your PC.

Speed Up Your Startup

Download a comprehensive tool to disable your certain programs during your startup. Find MSConifg, go to search under start and type “MSConfig” under the startup uncheck the boxes that you don’t have to need or you don’t need to run every time whenever your computer id turned on. It is one if the best 5 easy ways to speed up your PC.

Automate Your Updates

Updates are irritating. It is easy to click “remind me later” and avoid different types of update’s notifications. To automate your updates go to “My Computer > Properties > Automate Updates”. While doing this make sure this is set to download and install automatically. It will help you to speed up your PC.

Make Some Upgrades

Making some upgrades is one of the most effective way to speed up your PC. It is to add more RAM. You can find 4GB of memory online. If you have less than 2 GB memory there should be an upgrade in your future.

Fix Window System Errors

You should fix window system errors to speed up your PC. Installing and uninstalling, window updates forcing your computer to shutdown can cause errors and it will automatically slow down your PC and it will also create errors within window system files. These errors will also slow down your computer. To avoid this problem and speed up your PC you need to fix window system errors.