7 Best Plagiarism Checker

If you want to know who copied content from your site then you can use plagiarism detection tools for this purpose. If you are using quality content in your site then Google can surely rank your post. So if someone copies your content, Google crawlers see multiple pages on their search results with the same information. Here you can find information about 7 Best Plagiarism Checker Websites For Bloggers.

7 Best Plagiarism Checker

7 Best Plagiarism Checker

This site provides you the best free services such as checking of nm unlimited number of pages and generating plagiarism reports. This tool gives you free and fast result. You should check your content before uploading to your site.

Article Checker

It is another plagiarism detection tool which gives you accurate answer of plagiarism. This tool allows you to check your work directly and instantly by pasting your content in the box.

Plagiar Checker

Plagiary checker is one of the best  Plagiarism Checker Websites For Bloggers. This tool is specially made for the use of teachers and students. This tool cannot save your data in database. When you have completed checking your content will be removed from the site.

Search Engine Reports

This site is extremely simple. All you need is to copy and paste the content in the box and it detects the percentage of plagiarism. You just need to enter the domain name that you want to check the copied content along with few keywords. If you want to know about plagiarism detection tools then you can get informative data about 7 Best Plagiarism Checker


DupliChecker provides you a lot of useful tips and information regarding plagiarism. you can check content of maximum 1500 words. If you want to search for detailed post, then it is the  great plagiarism tool to find the copied content.


Plagium is another plagiarism detection tool. the checking algorithms scans the web and new for similarities. The best thing about this tool is you cannot only check the web but you can also check the plagiarism of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Small SEO tools

Small SEO tools is a plagiarism detection tool which provides you a wide range of services other than plagiarism checking. This tool provides you article rewriter tool, search engine pingler, backlink maker.