Easy Tips to Speed Up Windows 7

The Microsoft window 7 operating system has designed for delivering better speed than its predecessors. When you are downloading or installing more apps in your PC then the working of your PC slows down. Here we shared s few essential tips that can help you to speed up your Window. Here you can find some Easy Tips to Speed Up Windows 7.

Easy Tips to Speed Up Windows 7

Visual And Sound Related

These effects can definitely enhance the performance. To disable visual effects, do the following steps. You just press Windows key and hold it down and press pause key. Then click the advanced settings. In the advanced settings, there is performance settings. You just need to disable visual effect settings.

Software and Service Related

You should ensure that you have a good anti-virus software loaded on your computer. Without such protection software, there are chances of third party malware. Here you can find informative data about Easy Tips to Speed Up Windows 7. You should only install that software which you required. Uninstall and delete the software which is not in your use. If you’ve installed a software, which you are unable to get rid of, and which is hampering the normal functioning of your laptop, then you might have to format your hard drive.

Disabling Unwanted Start up programs to Speed up System Start up

There are some programs set to start during system start up. You just click in the start button in the search box. In the next step is the system configuration window and go to start up. Then unckeck the box next to the processes that are nor important for the start-up. If you want to speed up window 7 then you can find informative data about Easy Tips to Speed Up Windows 7.

Clean Up Your Hard Drive

You should remove unwanted files like downloaded program files, recycle bin etc. you just need to click on Accessories > system Tools > Disk Cleanup window that appears, select the file that you need to delete.

Turn Off Search Indexing

In window 7, turn off the search indexing option. If you do a lot of searching then it slows down your PC. You can turn off indexing by simply open the Indexing Options Control Panel window and If you want to leave the search indexing then right click on the computer either in the start menu or on the desktop.