Keywords Importance Topics

Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting traffic from natural search results on search engines. If the content in your blog is written uniquely then it can help you to improve your reputation as an expert in your field. Here you can find information about Which Is Keywords Importance Topics for SEO?

Keywords Importance Topics

Keywords Importance Topics

Importance Of Keywords In SEO

Keywords are very important target of any SEO. If you want to rank your post then add those keywords which are unique and related to your web content. SEO now focus on addressing consumer queries then optimizing the keywords to impress Google and get rankings. From this topic you can decide Which Is More Important: Keywords or Topics for SEO? You should select long tail keywords to enter in your web content.

The effective way to improve ranking and visibility in search engine is to expand a site by adding new pages. Keywords are still important for SEO activities. Site pages, title tags, meta description and anchor text for links are based on keywords only.

Importance Of Topics In SEO

if you choose better topic for your website then SEO can rank your post. Selection of topic also matters in SEO ranking. There are many possibilities when it comes to choose a blog topic. Here the question arises is Which Is More Important: Keywords or Topics for SEO? If the blog post is well researched, having original content and shared on social media then SEO can surely rank your website or post.


Both keywords and topic selection have their importance to rank your post in SEO. Keywords have still their importance in marketing strategies. If the topic of your content is not selected properly then SEO cannot rank your post. You should keep it in mind to add attractive and relative keywords in your title.