Plagiarism Excuse – Why People Do Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a serious crime and it can cause of your failure. Plagiarism can be affected your reputation and it can also hurt your business. It can permanently damage to a student’s academic career. Students can get too many troubles and these troubles can be anything from embarrassment to heartbreak. When students or employees are given the opportunity to have their case reviewed by a panel they start excuses but they should understand that excuses just do not work any they should avoid plagiarism.

Plagiarism Excuse – Why People Do Plagiarism

Plagiarism Excuse – Why People Do Plagiarism?

The most common excuse that all the officials hear these are:

It was not me. It was…

When people do plagiarism the first thing they do after plagiarism is to shift the blame. Students will blame other students and the professionals will blame their colleagues, you can say everyone loves to blame.

In actual people should mention the name of the owner of that copied data instead of blaming each other, because by mentioning the name they can avoid plagiarism.

I Didn’t Know it was Wrong

Sometimes this excuse takes a legal bend saying that they didn’t know what they were doing. It means they are ignoring the laws and for ignorance there is no excuse. Because before doing any work you need to understand the rules and responsibilities. The act of plagiarism is the act of saying you did the work but you didn’t know it was wrong. It is considered that you are lying and lying is always illegal and there are punishments against this act.

You should avoid plagiarism to get rid of this type of punishments.

The Misunderstanding

After getting caught in this act, people replies “I did not think that I was doing wrong”. May be it is the easiest excuse to fix.

I didn’t know how to do the Assignment

When students receive unique assignments and they don’t know how to complete this task they just copy and paste the data of others. When they are asked for their mistake they simply say “I didn’t know how to do the assignment”. But according to the rules they should avoid plagiarism to stay in school/college and also to build their reputation.