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Also we are developing a separate Tool that will help universities and collages to embed this online software to their student’s portals or on their educational websites. If you have any suggestions regarding our plagiarism checking tool, you are welcome to contact us.

A: is the favorite software of everyone and it is so simple and user friendly just put your text into the box, and click check plagiarism. Note there is a limitation of 1000 words at a time, So it is better if there is larger content split it into small paragraphs. When you will click the check plagiarism it will start instant checking for plagiarism and if there would be any matches on the internet it will show you in two different views. First it will let you know that how much percentage of your content is plagiarized and secondly it will show you the sentence which is found plagiarized and by clicking the compare button you can go to the source where it is found.

If your content is unique it will show you that your content is 100% unique and plagiarism free and there is no duplication exist on internet.

A: is specially designed for txt or docx format. And in its free version there is limitation of 1000 words in one search so if you have large text. It is advised to split your content into small segments to get the results.

A: For checking the duplication of whole website just paste the URL in the text box and will check the plagiarized copy for you on the internet. If there would be any plagiarism it will show you instantly.

A: As per law and legislation we can not use your personal information for any other purposes and also we cannot sell any kind of your data to any third parties. Your security concern is our utmost priority, and it is guaranteed that we will never disclose your any kind of data to anyone under any circumstances.

For using with full access it is advised to registered yourself because guest users only allowed to use it once per day. is 100% free there is no fees nor any kind of charges to use it.